See Sailing


Learn about your sailing by collecting data from NMEA 2000.
Hardware, software and web services...all in one box, ready to go.

Available for purchase June 2024.

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We provide a gateway that forwards NMEA messages to an app running on your phone.
The data is collated, and forwarded to our servers which filter and analyse this raw data.
Finally it is presented on a beautiful and interactive web page that can be viewed on any modern browser, including mobile.

A diagram showing sensors connecting to the See Sailing box then data collection then a 3D playback example screen

Your sailing data, visualised

The see-sailing analysis is a work in progress, but all advances will be made available to all users with improvements in post-race analysis retrospectively applied.

Visualise the movement of the hull, mast and rudder using data obtained from your existing sensors and not a phone in your pocket.

Speed is shown as a red/green ribbon ... see how your inputs and movements correlate with the finest of detail.

Rudder data is the purple track showing movements during tacks and other manoeuvres.

Wind (when shown) shows direction and strength - understand patches of poor performance caused by wind shadows and shifts.


$399. Available June 2024.

Available soon, online and through physical retail.

See-sailing's web components are a subscription service that costs $150/year with your first year being included in the initial purchase price. There are no per-race or other metered costs, and the gateway and mobile phone software work just fine without a subscription.